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SB Nation YouTube Arrives This Thursday

SB Nation remains truly committed to providing the best Internet content out there for all of us to read and break down. Now we'll soon be able to watch it on video as well. SB Nation Studios is coming soon to a YouTube channel near you.

SB Nation has over 300+ communities and growing, so it makes sense to continue providing maximal exposure to everyone out there and give people more original content to help fans discuss and dissect their favorite sports, as well as interact with SB Nation's best personalities.

After the jump, a taste of what you might see.

You might see more features on dogs. Who doesn't want to see more features on dogs?

(via sbnation)

Bomani Jones of the Morning Jones will have his own show. Spencer Hall (of EDSBS fame) and Jason Kirk will be talking about college football. Amy Nelson formerly of ESPN will be doing crazy things. So many crazy things. You just have to subscribe!