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Why Peyton Manning Won’t Sign With The Jets, Dolphins, or Skins

From Arizona Cardinals fans have been waiting, as have fans from many other teams, to find out the fate of superstar quarterback Peyton Manning. Will he be cut? Is he making progress so that he can play in 2012? More importantly, will he be an Arizona Cardinal?

The Cardinals have as good a shot as any of the other teams, but specifically, there are reasons to believe that Manning will not end up in New York, Miami or Washington.

Hit the jump to see why.

  1. Jets - Why would Manning want to share NYC with his little brother who already owns 2 Super Bowl trophies? NYC is Eli's city and I don't think his brother would play there and steal the limelight from his own flesh and blood. I also don't think Manning would play for a coach like Rex Ryan. Rex is set in his defensive ways and will not hand the offense over to Manning. The Jets locker room is also in disarray, Santonio Holmes a the prime example.
  2. Redskins - Do I really need to go any further? What do they have to offer besides a big paycheck? Manning has already stated he won't be playing for a huge paycheck and may sign an incentive based contract based on how much and how he plays. The Redskins don't even have a star receiver and it's too dang cold in D.C.
  3. Dolphins - Now this is the team that scares me. The Dolphins have a good young defense, a star wide receiver, and great weather (when it's not raining). The only reason I don't see Manning signing with the Phins is due to them having a brand new rookie coaching staff. At this point in Manning's career I don't see him risking the last few years he has left with an unproven coaching staff.

There a few other teams that may be interested like Seattle, Kansas City, Cleveland, and maybe San Francisco. All horrible weather cities without a dome, a proven coaching staff, oh and one of the best wide receivers to play the game....... LARRY FITZGERALD!