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ROTB Roundtable: Trading down, Deuce Lutui, and the Combine

Another Wednesday, another ROTB Roundtable edition. For yet another week, the Cardinals managed to stay in the news (Luckily for us).

Hit the jump for the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three trending questions, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Some mock drafts have the Cardinals trading down, and picking up a WR. Would you be okay with this idea? Why or why not?

Tyler Nickel: Yes, I would definitely be okay with that idea. The Cardinals would then be able to pick up a 2nd round pick that they lose in the Kevin Kolb trade, which would allow them to pick up another talented young player. Depending on how far they trade down, a guy like Kendall Wright or Michael Floyd may still be available and I would love to see either of them in Cardinal Red.

JoeCB1991: No, I'd rather get a receiver in the later rounds of free agency.

CardsFan08: The Cardinals can get a WR in later rounds, but there are other higher priority needs on the team such as the offensive line and OLB.

Jesse Reynolds: I wouldn't mind trading down but I am opposed to a first round WR. The need isn't really that great.

Alex Mann: Not a bad Idea... Although I don't see any WR who is worth the second overall pick anymore after Blackmons draft stock fell.

Jess Root: I have no issue with trading down. If they get more picks and get a guy to complement Fitz, not much to complain about, especially if the O-linemen they want are off the board.

2) Backup guard Deuce Lutui is a FA this year. After all of the issues he's had over the past few seasons, do you think it would be worth bringing him back, as many fans think he still has the potential to one day be a starter?

Tyler Nickel: Depending on the price, I would say bringing back Deuce isn't the worst thing that could happen. He still has a lot of potential and if he can get his act together, he could still be a valuable contributor for the team.

JoeCB1991: Depends on how the draft goes. If the Cardinals are getting DeCastro then there will be a log jam at guard and there will be no room for him. If they are going with someone else such as an OT or OLB then I would be okay with bringing him back.

CardsFan08: Lutui should be very healthy coming back after such little playing time in 11. He may be good enough to be the starter again. It's up to the draft and Grimm.

Jesse Reynolds: Deuce can be a powerful run blocker with a nasty streak. I would not be opposed to resigning him if he has learned his lesson.

Alex Mann: I say so... I think he learned his lesson after the Bengals cut him since he was overweight... Give him another shot, definitely.

Jess Root: He could be brought back at the right price. Who knows if he could start? He apparently was not good enough to beat out Hadnot a year ago. But you always need depth, so why the heck not?

3) Some people have called for the Combine to end it's secrecy. Do you agree with them?

Tyler Nickel: The combine is fine the way it is.

JoeCB1991: Sure, why not.

CardsFan08: I'm in favor.

Jesse Reynolds: I'm undecided. More info would be cool, but it isn't necessary.

Alex Mann: Yes. Show the interviews on TV, instead of the teams website... No more of this hush hush.

Jess Root: Secrecy? Isn't everything televised and analyzed to death?