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Super Bowl Pick Against The Spread: Tom Brady Or Eli Manning?

The NFL season is about to come to a close with the Super Bowl, the biggest athletic event know to Americans. With the big game comes one last bit of gambling. Prop bets are always very popular, but the biggest ones are the picks against the spread. We make one final pick against the spread before falling upon the weekend.

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New York Giants vs. New England Patriots (-3.0): The Patriots have been very fortunate to have a favorable playoff matchup. The had a week off and they played Tim Tebow. Yes, their win against the Ravens is legitimate, but it toko a missed field goal at the end of regulation to keep the game from overtime. The Giants, on the other hand, played the NFC's best offense and best defense, beating them both. They had lost to both teams in the regular season. The Giants beat New England already this season. As much as I like the revenge factor for both the 2008 Super Bowl and the loss this season, the injury to Rob Gronkowski is the key. He will play, but will he be effective with a high ankle sprain? I say he plays but is not the difference maker he was for New England's offensive game plan so far this seaosn. Pick: Giants, +3.0.