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Peyton Manning Cleared To Play By Doctors, Should Play In 2012

It was reported yesterday by multiple media outlets that Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts' future Hall of Fame quarterback, has been cleared to play professional football again by two different physicians. The doctor that originally did the surgery on Peyton's neck, Dr. Robert Watkins, believed that Manning could have played this Sunday if the nerves in his arm had fully repaired.

His neck has fully healed, but Manning may take until May to be back in working condition, so says an ESPN report. So what does this mean for the Arizona Cardinals? Find out after the jump.

The Cardinals have already been one of the hot names linked to Peyton Manning should he be released in March by the Colts. Kevin Kolb had injury problems in his first year as a Cardinal and his performance was average at best when he was healthy. Their other quarterback, John Skelton, is still very young and could use more time to enhance his skills. Why not do so behind one of the game's best?

Also reported yesterday was that Cardinals All Pro wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald will have dinner with Manning at some point during this week. They are both in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, so this could just be a meeting between friends (yes, Fitz is friends with just about everybody), but it could also mean more. Fitzgerald could be on the recruiting trail already.

If Manning is released well before Kevin Kolb is owed his bonus in mid-March, the Cardinals might consider bringing him aboard. However, he would need to show that he has his arm strength back and the ability to make all of the throws once again.

So will Peyton Manning play next season? Probably so. Will it be in an Arizona Cardinals jersey? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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