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NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Also Projects Arizona Cardinals Will Select David DeCastro

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It was just a year ago when around this time the early mock drafts all had the Arizona Cardinals picking one guy -- Von Miller. He was seen as a perfect fit for the Cardinals' defensive schemes. Right now, there seems to be a popular pick for Arizona, but his fit is not as great because he doesn't fit a very pressing need. That would be Stanford guard David DeCastro.

The latest to have the Arizona taking the highly touted guard is ESPN Todd McShay, who recently released his mock draft 2.0 (Insider access is require to read the whole round).

Explains McShay:

This might seem a bit high for a guard, but DeCastro was the most dominant interior offensive lineman in the nation in 2011 and has a chance to develop into one of the elite NFL players at his position. Offensive tackle is also a need area, but DeCastro is a much better overall player than the top available tackle. Cornerback could also be a consideration, but both Janoris Jenkins (North Alabama) and Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama) carry off-field baggage.

It is interesting that he thinks that the Cards would even look at a cornerback.

As for the offensive tackles available, both Jonathan Martin and Mike Adams are projected to be available and don't go for several more picks.

As has been noted by many commenters here on the site, DeCastro certainly would not be a bad pick. However, if either Martin or Adams are available, would you rather see one of them drafted or would you be good with DeCastro?

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