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2012 NFL Hall Of Fame Class To Be Announced Today: Aeneas Williams Could Get In

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Today at about 5:30 EST the newest Pro Football Hall of Fame class will be announced. The good news for Arizona Cardinals fans is that this year we have a former Cardinals player who is a finalist. We know that doesn't happen too often, but Williams has been the best player we have seen since the Cardinals moved to Arizona. Larry Fitzgerald is now in play for the best player in franchise history, but Williams was a beacon of greatness during some of the worst years in the team's history.

Does he deserve to get in? Cardinals fans certainly think so.

Kent Somers was privileged to make the case for Williams before the voters. His article tells us the credentials Williams has:

Williams has the credentials. He played 14 seasons: 10 with the Cardinals, four with the Rams. He had 55 career interceptions, scored nine touchdowns and was named to the Pro Bowl eight times.

Along with Sanders, Woodson and Green, Williams was one of the finer cornerbacks of his time.

"I always put him on the best receiver," former Cardinals coach Vince Tobin said. "And I didn't give him any (safety) support.

"I've coached a lot of great football players over my career, and he's as good as any of them. Mike Singletary, Richard Dent, Sam Mills. He was every bit as good."

Williams was my favorite player growing up as a teenager. Aside from a Cardinals Super Bowl victory, there is no other achievement I want personally related to the team than Williams' induction into the Hall.

Even if it isn't this year, it should eventually happen. Most of the finalists eventually get in. He certainly deserves it.

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