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Super Bowl Patriots Vs. Giants Open Thread

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The final game is here. The food is prepared, the drinks are cold and the chair is comfy. Now it is time to see who will be the champion of the world of American football. On one sideline are the New England Patriots with the smug Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. On the other sideline are the New York Football Giants. There is Eli Manning and his coach, the changed man Tom Coughlin. The last time these two teams in similar situations, the Giants shocked the world with a win over the previously unbeaten Pats.

Now the two face off with the Giants having beaten the Pats once this season. We know most of the the storylines.

Now it's time to watch and enjoy. Join in the conversation and talk about the game with your Cardinals fan acquaintances.

Next Game

New York Giants
@ New England Patriots

Sunday, Feb 5, 2012, 4:30 PM MST
Super Bowl XLVI - Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN

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