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Aeneas Williams Makes Final 10, But Not Part of 2012 Hall Of Fame Class

While Kent Somers made a convincing case for him, former Arizona Cardinals star cornerback did not make it in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. Cardinals fans needed no convincing, but the Hall voters had a tough decision. of the final 15, he made the first cut down to 10, but was not part of the last five. The five that were voted in were:

  • Jack Butler
  • Dermotti Dawson
  • Chris Doleman
  • Cortez Kennedy
  • Curtis Martin
  • Willie Roaf

Those left off included Williams, Bill Parcells and Eddie DeBartolo.

Williams was, aside from Deion Sanders, could have been the best corner the league had in his time. Now based on the guys that got in, you would have a hard time with the argument that Williams deserved in over them, but there is some solace to be found.

Since he made it as a finalist and even the penultimate cut, it is almost a lock that he will get into the Hall at some point. When that day comes, those of us privileged to have seen him play will feel proud. And even those that never did see him will be happy that he represents the Cardinals.

As for the years that come, there are a couple of former Cardinals that come up for eligibility.

Kurt Warner will become eligible in 2015 (not a single Cardinals or Rams fan can deny that he deserves to be in). The other? It would be Edgerrin James. No, he is not the most well known Cardinals player, but he will get consideration because of his production for years as a member of the Indianapolis Colts.

So while this year Cardinals fans don't have someone to cheer for, just know that we will have that opportunity at least twice in the near to distant future.

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