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What Were Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercials?

While the New England Patriots and the New York Giants battled on the field to decide the champion of this season, new advertising campaigns were begun. After all, we do know that the Super Bowl is one of the most important days for television commercials. Some years, the commercials are better than the actual game, while other years the commercials are pretty big duds.

This year there was a new Budweiser campaign, Go Daddy was at it again, a funny bit by Doritos and whole lot more.

What were the best?

I think the most impactful spot for men everywhere was the spot with Adriana Lima for How many of you were ready to log on to a computer to order flowers that very moment? I almost did.

The first one to make me laugh was the M&M commercial.

The Budweiser commercials didn't do anything for me, the GoDaddy sopt was expected, although the one thing I got out of it was the terrible tanning job that Jillian Michaels had .

The Acura spot with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno was okay.

The Doritos ad with the slingshot kid was another goodie.

The Chevrolet commercial was also well done. I loved the killshot on Ford. It was reminiscent of days long ago when I remembered the rivalry being more than it is now. However, I did find it somewhat disturbing that Barry Manilow was the music that survived the Apocalypse.

What about the rest of you? What were your favorite commercials?