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2-6-12: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings - Super Bowl Aftermath

The Giants are now Super Bowl champs, and here are your links for the day after the big game.

NFL News:

New York Giants Win Super Bowl XLVI, 21-17 -
Ahmad Bradshaw scored the game-winning touchdown and Tom Brady's Hail Mary hit the turf as time expired, giving the Giants a 21-17 win.

Super Bowl XLVI Postgame Coverage: Eli Manning Wins MVP, Giants Presented Lombardi Trophy -
The New York Giants are Super Bowl 46 Champions after downing the New England Patriots, 21-17. Eli Manning was named the MVP after completing 30-of-40 passes for 296 yards and a touchdown.

Wes Welker's Drop, And The Moment The Patriots Lost The Super Bowl - From Our Editors -
The Patriots were driving into New York territory, the Giants couldn't stop the clock, and Tom Brady spotted Wes Welker wide open on third down. Brady floated it over his back shoulder, Welker twisted his body around, and the Giants and their fans looked on helpless while the Patriots went for the kill shot.

Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Best And Worst Of This Year's Ads -
Super Bowl XLVI is getting closer and we're seeing early commercials for the big game. We'll be live blogging all of the 2012 Super Bowl commercials this evening as they air, so bookmark this StoryStream.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Video, Featuring Madonna And Special Guests -
The first half of Super Bowl XLVI is in the books and now so too is the Super Bowl halftime show. The annual spectacle was headlined by Madonna. She was joined by special guests M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, Cee-Lo Green and LMFAO.

Super Bowl 2012 -- Singer M.I.A. flips middle finger during Madonna's halftime show - ESPN
For all the pomp and excess of Madonna's Super Bowl halftime extravaganza a single extended middle finger by guest singer M.I.A. is likely to be the most remembered piece of the show. The gesture, accompanied by a barely disguised expletive, came during a performance of Madonna's new single, "Give Me All Your Luvin." At the end of her lines, M.I.A. appeared to sing "I don't give a (expletive)," although it was hard to hear clearly.

VIDEO: Deion Sanders Sings To Eli Manning - From Our Editors -
It's pretty easy to work Eli Manning's name into a song, and that's just what Deion Sanders did following Super Bowl XLVI. Manning sat down with the NFL Network crew as the celebration rolled on in Indianapolis, and Sanders felt it was just the right time to serenade him. Eli and "fly" rhyme, so of course Sanders went R. Kelly on him.

Brandon Jacobs' Metaphor For Giants' Dominance Of Patriots Is Medieval - From Our Editors -
Brandon Jacobs, your thoughts on the Giants beating the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl?

PHOTO: Robert Kraft's Suite Guests Look Sad, Angry - From Our Editors -
This was the moment Tom Brady's Hail Mary hit the turf. The adults are looking on in horror, the woman in the back looks shocked and, perhaps, upset, and the kid in the Patriots jersey either thinks Rob Gronkowski caught the game-winner or is ready to throw something. This is the most agony of defeat moment.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell criticizes quality of play in Pro Bowl - NFL -
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he is disappointed in the quality of last week's Pro Bowl and changes must be considered, perhaps even dropping the game altogether.