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NFL Offseason Timeline For Arizona Cardinals

Now that all the football games are played and all that is left is speculation about the moves that have yet to have been made, we are at the point where we can start focusing on the timeline for the offseason. There are players to be signed, players to be cut, workouts to be had, coaches to be hired and more.

So what are these important dates? Find out after the jump!

Feb 20: Teams can begin to use their franchise tags

Feb 22: The NFL Combine begins

Feb 28: The NFL Combine ends

March 5: The last day to use franchise tag on players

March 8: Peyton Manning is due his $28 million bonus

March 13: Free agency begins

March 17: Kevin Kolb due $7 million bonus

April 26-28: 2012 NFL Draft

May 4: Traditionally this would be the weekend of minicamp

July 28: This has typically been the weekend when training camp begins

Additionally, OTAs happen usually at the end of May, so we will know more about the dates of those later.

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