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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Projected To Go OL Or WR

Every week there are new mock draft projections and every week we seem to be looking at the same people. That's not to say that it is bad. As football fans, we thirst for the latest info. Sometimes it doesn't change.

Since we love mock drafts, we bring you the info from a few around the web to see what they predict will happen with the Arizona Cardinals when they pick at number 13 in this years real draft.

Let's see what is out there.

Our own mock draft has Arizona selecting OT Riley Reiff. Some are surprised that he would last so long in this draft.

SB Nation's mock draft has Arizona selecting Stanford's Jonathan Martin.

The Cardinals mortgaged a chuck on their future for Kevin Kolb. They might have gotten fleeced, but sticking him behind a mound of wet paper towels for protection didn't help. Reports indicate that they plan to let Levi Brown walk. Martin would fill that void ... and then some.

There is nothing new at ESPN, but at CSB Sports, their mock drafts are updated, but the Cardinals are not changed. One has David DeCastro, the guard from Stanford. The other has the Cardinals selecting Baylor WR Kendall Wright.

The projections by Fox Sports agree with one of the CBS guys in projecting DeCastro.

As it can be seen, pretty much all of the projections out there think that the Cards will have the offensive line in mind. We know that is not a bad idea, but many fans fear the Leonard Davis and Levi Brown effect.

We will see soon enough as the draft is coming up in a couple of months.

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