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Arizona Cardinals Free Agency: Looking at G Carl Nicks

So, SB XLVI has come to a dramatic close, and with it, the 2011 season. Now comes the fast and furious off season. Trades, drafts, and free agent acquisitions. Last week, I took a look at OT Jared Gaither, who is primed to become a free agent. It's no secret that the Cards' offensive line is pretty offensive, and his acquisition would be a good starting point to shore up the line.

Today we shift from OT, to the G market, which showcases premier talent available. The first person of interest is Carl Nick from the New Orleans Saints. Hit the jump to read more.

Entering his fourth year with the NFL, Nicks is a man right off of Russ Grimm's wish list. 6'5" and 343# of man who helped the Saints to another playoff appearance and a 13-3 NFC South best record.

Drew Brees threw for over 5000 yards last year. Nicks was a major part in this, keeping the pocket clean. This allowed Brees to find targets in the passing lanes. This led to the Saints being first in the league in passing offense. Sure Brees is a great QB, I'm not knocking his skill set at all. But it's hard to be a great QB if you find yourself on your back most of the game, looking at the lights. (Refer to Kevin Kolb and John Skelton as examples)

Nicks is also an effective run blocker, grading the way for Darren Sproles and the other RBs in the stable to amass over 2000 yards on the ground. Three of the four RB's averaged over four yards per attempt, with rookie Mark Ingram being the odd man out at a measly 3.89 yards per attempt. These numbers were good enough for a 6th ranked rush offense in the 2011 season.

Overall, Carl Nicks is a solid, dependale lineman who has not suffered through any injuries that prevented him from playing, as he started all sixteen games the past three season. Additionally, he is a pro-bowl caliber player at his position. Bringing Nicks in would be an immediate boost to the OL, where Daryn Colledge is the big name at OG, and Rex Hadnot and Deuce Lutui reside in anonymity.

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