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Frank Reich Hired As The Arizona Cardinals WR Coach

After awhile of awaiting to hear who our new WR coach would be, after we heard that John Mcnulty would be coaching QB's, we now know who. Frank Reich, the former NFL QB and Offensive Assistant for the Colts who was fired last month during the Colts overhaul of Front Office and Coaching personnel will now be coaching our WR position.

Who is Frank Reich you may ask? Frank Reich played QB from 1985-1998, mainly in the reserve QB role. His biggest achievement in the NFL was orchestrating the Bills playoff comeback against the Houston Oilers in 1993, when they were down 35-6 and came back to win 42-38.

Reich began his coaching career back in 2008, when he was hired as the Offensive Assistant for the Colts. The following season he was promoted to QB Coach, where coached it till 2010. The 2011 season had him coaching WR.

It is my belief that this is step one of luring Peyton Manning in. By bringing in people he is familiar with he will be more tempted to come to the Desert. With Reggie Wayne being a possible FA target for the Cardinals, the Cardinals could be a hot landing spot for Manning.