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ROTB Roundtable: Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, and Eli Manning

Peyton, Peyton, and more Peyton. As Manning watch heats up, the ROTB writing staff tried their best to put up with more questions surrounding, you guessed it, Peyton Manning.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Peyton Manning watch is heating up. At this point, where do you think he will end up? (Try to be as un-biased as possible)

Jess Root: I really think that if he can play he will be a Cardinal.

Tyler Nickel: If Peyton is in fact released by Indy and if he is feeling healthy, I truly think he could end up in Arizona. I'm not trying to be biased, I actually believe that.

Jesse Reynolds: I think there is still a 25% chance Manning ends back up in Indy, than a splitting with Miami, Washington and Arizona. I do not believe he will end up in Arizona because we won't be able to throw as much money at him as Miami and Washington.

Cdeveau: I also see Manning going back to Indy. It's comfortable, and a lot can be said for comfort. From there, someplace warm would be my next guess. Injuries suck. Injuries in cold weather suck even more. Miami makes sense, warm, and he has a place. Arizona makes sense for the warmth. Maybe the Texans grab a pair and say yes to Manning.

JoeCB1991: Leaning towards Miami in where he will go right now.

Alex Mann: I think he'll wind up in Arizona. With the hiring of Frank Reich to be our WR coach, I think that's the start of the Manning campaign in Arizona. He'd have Fitzgerald to throw to and possibly Wayne, while having his former QB coach in Arizona.

On the radio, it was mentioned that Manning might want his new team to bring in Reggie Wayne, who's a FA this year. Would you be open to bringing Wayne in as a #2 WR?

Jess Root: I would love that, but how much is he going to cost?

Tyler Nickel: If Wayne brings Manning, then yes, I would be open to bringing him in.

Jesse Reynolds: Of course! For the right price. We have more important positions we need to bring in IMO, like an OLB, a tackle or 2, safety depth, and dline depth.

Cdeveau: We do need a #2 WR. And if Manning comes over it would make sense to bring someone he is comfortable with. However, the price needs to be right, as Jessie mentioned.

JoeCB1991: Sure, he is getting older but he still knows how to run good routes and he has good hands. Could be a good mentor for the young guys too.

Alex Mann: Definitely. Wayne could help mentor the younger WR's on our team.

3) Not Cardinals related, but in your opinion, has Eli Manning earned his place in the Elite QB ranks, and is he in HoF contention now?

Jess Root: He should definitely be included among elite QBs, but he still needs to do more with his career -- a few more seasons statistically like this year.

Tyler Nickel: Eli has always been elite to me. As far as Hall of Fame goes, I think he definitely has a shot, but I'm not so sure he's a lock as of yet.

Jesse Reynolds: I thought Eli played well, but didn't deserve the MVP. It was like default, well no one else played extraordinary so might as well give it to Eli. I think Eli is still on the fringe, if he plays well next year I will consider him to be in the elite class, but at the bottom of the list.

Cdeveau: Eli has two rings. One more than Peyton. Is Peyton elite? It's hard to gauge. I told people at this superbowl that when Eli went to his first against the Patriots that he was a punchline. Then he won. Now I look at Eli and wonder how he could make the Cardinals better. So is he elite? Can't argue against success.

JoeCB1991: Elite Quarterback? Yeah I'd say so. As for the Hall of Fame, I agree with what Kurt Warner said, he isn't ready yet but if he has five more good years along with what he has already done he has a very good chance.