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NFL Free Agency: Should The Arizona Cardinals Attempt To Sign Chad Rinehart?

Last time in the free agency series, we examined Ben Grubbs, currently the left guard for the Baltimore Ravens, and asked if he would be a good fit in Cardinal Red. According to the poll results, around 68% of the readers believe that he might be a bit overrated and the cost to get him might be a bit too high compared to his production. Since being drafted in the first round, Grubbs has been a big name player as an interior lineman, but the consistent play just isn't there.

Today, we will take a look at a guy that is almost the exact opposite of Grubbs. Since being drafted in the 3rd round in 2008 by the Redskins, Chad Rinehart has had a total of three different homes in his four year playing career. Most recently, he split time at both guard positions for the Buffalo Bills. Should the Arizona Cardinals show interest in the journeyman? Let's see what he may be able to offer the team after the jump.

During the 2011 season, Chad Rinehart was one of the best pass protecting guards in all of football. He was on the field for 569 pass blocking snaps, according to Pro Football Focus, and allowed zero sacks, two QB hits and eight pressures. That comes out to an average of one pressure allowed per every 71 passing plays.

Rinehart was also a decent run blocking guard. PFF gave him a grade of 1.7, but the stats likely would have been higher had Fred Jackson been able to remain healthy.

Speaking of remaining healthy, Rinehart has had some challenges with that. In 2009, while Rinehart was still a member of the Redskins, he unfortunately broke his fibula in a game against the Dallas Cowboys. More recently, Rinehart was dealing with a shoulder injury in 2011.

Although Rinehart has bounced around the league a bit and does have some injury history, his versatility and solid pass protection make him a player that I believe the Cardinals should definitely look into signing. He could fly a bit under the radar with all of the other names ahead of him such as Carl Nicks or Ben Grubbs, so that could create the perfect opportunity for the Cards to swoop in and steal Rinehart for a decent price. Besides, the Bills may be too focused on trying to re-sign Demetrius Bell, allowing Rinehart to slip right through their fingers.

What do you think? Would Chad Rinehart be a good addition to the offensive line of the Arizona Cardinals? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below and leave your vote in the poll.

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