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Pittsburgh Steelers To Release Hines Ward, Could He Join Arizona Cardinals?

He has been with the team since 1998, but receiver Hines Ward will not be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers for much longer. The Steelers are set to release him, as they believe his skills have diminished enough that his career is done. Once this happens, it is believed that both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Arizona Cardinals could have interest in him, as they have coaches Ward has worked with.

The question is -- should the Cards even consider it?

We know that Arizona loves to bring in former Steelers. Ken Whisenhunt is also very familiar with Ward's abilities. However, those abilities are not what they were.

A particularly telling stat from 2011 is that of his 46 catches, 16 were behind the line of scrimmage.

Should the Cardinals take a look?

There certainly is something to say about the influence he would have in the lockerroom. But he is not as productive as he once was, and the Steelers tend to let players go that have little to offer.

Plus, what the Cardinals need to help Larry Fitzgerald is not a player like Ward. They need someone opposite him that can get separation down the field.

Bringing in Ward would not make sense. He is old and would not help with what the Cards need.

So, while it wouldn't be surprising to see him targeted by Arizona on a cheap contract, the team shouldn't. There are simply better players at his position that could be had.

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