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Peyton Manning Reportedly Making Visits To Denver, Arizona, Miami

As noted on SB Nation Arizona, according to a report from the Denver Post, recently released quarterback Peyton Manning will begin his free agency search with the Denver Broncos, scheduling a meeting with them on Friday, but it also said to be meeting with both the Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins as well, likely feeling out what kind of possibilities await him in this second chapter of his professional career.

It would seem that Manning is deciding between these three teams. The Washington Redskins just went all in on Robert Griffin, III with a big trade with the Rams to secure the second overall pick. Then the New York Jets extended the contract of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Whether a meeting will actually occur has yet to be seen, but as noted by Kent Somers, it will not likely happen on Saturday as there will be a lot going on at the team facility then.

Right now, Denver has the money to be able to make big moves, Arizona seems to be the best match and Miami has good pieces, is in the AFC and is near his South Florida home.

Manning reportedly would like to make a decision by Tuesday.

Can you feel it? It appears that we will either be elated and dancing in the streets or feeling bitter disappointment sometime next week. The former would be great. The latter is familiar territory for fans that have followed the Cardinals for any amount of time.

The best thing out of all of this is the fact that with all the rumors going around having Arizona as one of the favorites, it turns out to have been fairly accurate.

Our team is relevant again, for a moment, at least.

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