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Arizona Cardinals Roster Moves: Stephens-Howling Gets Tendered, A.J. Jefferson Gets A New Contract

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Outside of all the Peyton Manning news and the possibility of him joining the Arizona Cardinals, the team announced yesterday that they have made a few personnel decisions.

Some of the young players on the team were tendered, including kick returner and versatile running back, LaRod Stephens-Howling. After the jump, let's look at the whole list and see the implications of the moves that were made.

The Cardinals obviously think quite highly of LaSH, as he received a 2nd round tender. It is just a one-year tender since he is a restricted free agent, but if another team wishes to sign him to a long-term deal and the Cardinals do not choose to match it, they would receive a 2nd round pick in return.

According to Kent Somers, defensive backs Rashad Johnson and Greg Toler also received tenders. They were tagged with what are called "original-round" tenders, which means that if a team signs them, the Cardinals would receive a draft pick equal to the round each of these players were drafted in. For Johnson it would be a third round pick and for Toler, the Cards would receive a fourth round pick should they not choose to match any offers.

The team also gave qualifying offers to a set of exclusive rights free agents, which, if you recall, are now unable to sign with any other team. Rich Bartel, Alfonso Smith, Ronald Talley and newcomer Brandon Williams were all apart of that group.

Finally, the Cardinals signed cornerback A.J. Jefferson and receiver Stephen Williams to contracts. As Somers points out, they would have been exclusive rights free agents as well.

Reggie Walker and Max Hall were not offered any sort of tender, although Walker is expected back with the team next year primarily due to his special teams contributions.

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