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Peyton Manning Is In Phoenix, Arizona Cardinals Make Their Pitch

After weeks of speculation and rumors to spare, quarterback Peyton Manning is officially in Arizona to visit the Cardinals. He arrived Saturday night after having visited the Denver Broncos on Saturday. Jay Glazer reported that he was coming and that was confirmed late Saturday night.

He has been with team officials and potential teammates all day so far.

There have not been many details surrounding the visit, but it was reported that Manning ate dinner with Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm.

Among the players seen at the team facility on Sunday were Larry Fitzgerald, who left later in the morning to go on a trip to Australia, and fellow receiver Andre Roberts.

The rumors have it that Manning has pared his choices to Denver and Arizona.

This is a particularly interesting and exciting time for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans. It isn't every day that a player of Manning's caliber becomes available. Franchise quarterbacks are hard to find and rarely become available after they have been established as great players.

Of course, there are still a few questions surrounding the health and long-term viability of Manning, considering he has undergone four neck procedures.

It sounds like a decision will be coming soon, one that will thrill one market and crush a number of others.

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