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NFL Free Agency: Recapping The Pass Rushers

Over the past week, Tyler has been presenting potential free agents that the Arizona could target to fill their need on defense to have guys who can rush the passer and create pressure. In what was surprising, at least to me, only one of these players received a majority of votes in favor of the Cardinals going after him.

The players covered this week were Mario Williams, John Abraham, Jarrett Johnson, Kamerion Wimbley, Andre Carter and Aaron Maybin.

Of the six players, only Wimbley was a net 'yes' by you, the readers. He received 74 percent of the vote in favor of the team targeting him.

Mario Williams, who is the highest profile defensive player in this year's free agent class, was a net 'no'. 56 percent was against bringing him to Arizona, probably mainly because of the cost.

John Abraham was a resounding no. 73 percent said leave him alone.

Jarrett Johnson also was a clear no. 60 percent were not in favor of the team targeting him.

The aging Andre Carter was proposed. He was the sole threat to sack the QB on New England's defense. But that did not sway you all. 81 percent of you said do not go after him. Message sent!

Lastly, Aaron Maybin, formerly of the New York Jets, was presented. 59 percent of you rejected the notion.

What does this say about the team? Either you all are content with the players already on the team or this class of pass rushers is underwhelming.

It probably is both.

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