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Cardinals Need To Drop 16.4 Million Dollars By Tuesday

As many of you know, our Cardinals are over the cap by 16.4 Million Dollars. They must get back underneath the cap by Tuesday or else. The following people are players that the Cardinals should release or restructure, in order to get under the cap, and possibly make room for Peyton Manning. for The purpose of my math I will be "releasing" each player and adding their money to the Cap Total.

1) Levi Brown: It was my hope that a deal could get done between Levi and the Cardinals brass, but both sides were apparently far apart. Levi feels like his play during the latter half of the season is enough to keep him from taking any sort drastic pay cut. Luckily for us, there are options in Free Agency that are upgrades from Levi, albeit they won't be major game changers.

Cap Hit: $18,225,000

Cap Total: 2,225,000

2) Stewart Bradley: I was at first debating whether or not he should be released or take a pay cut... As of now, I am leaning towards the pay cut. He has potential, but shouldn't have been paid the amount of money that he was. He couldn't beat out Veteran Lineback Paris Lenon for the starting role, which was understandable because Lenon played solidly for a second straight season in Arizona. Keep Bradley but if he follows the path of Levi get him out of Arizona,.

Cap Hit: 6,000,000

Cap Total: 8,225,000

Kevin Kolb: I have been known as a Kolb knobber, but with Peyton Manning on the line here it's time to get over that. I agree that he is the Quarterback on our current roster who has the most promise but he isn't worth the large contract we gave him. I say he should restructure his contract and remain on the team, and gain the work ethic that Peyton has, and learn how to read a defense. But as I said, I will be "cutting" him.

Cap Hit: 10,000,000

Cap Total: 18,225,000

Floyd Womack: Every penny counts this year. Albeit his cap hit isn't as significant as the last three people that I named, he isn't worth it. We have Rex Hadnot and Deuce Lutui on the right side, and Daryn Colledge on the left side, and a potential draftee in April.

Cap Hit: 925,000

Total Cap: 19,150,000

Todd Heap: Our second biggest pick up of last offseason. It was a pleasant surprise to fans all over when he was brought in, and thought he would upgrade our TE position immediately. He didn't, it was Jeff King who did. Heap is past his prime, and should go elsewhere to help groom a young TE.

Cap Hit: 2,737,500

Total Cap: 21,887,500

Dan Williams: Let the hate begin, but please be kind to me. He started playing better just prior to breaking his arm against the San Francisco 49ers. But we have better options, and cheaper behind him. Those two are David Carter, and Nick Eason. Yes Eason is getting up there in age, but we saw he can still get pressure on a QB, the same with Vonnie Holliday. David Carter also showed that. Williams hasn't gotten his fair chance to show that he's NFL ready, but it's time we let David Carter play.

Cap Hit: 1,990,000

Total Cap: 23,877,500

Jeremy Bridges: My final victim... Sure this will leave us with no RT but we will be better off without he or Keith. We can draft a Rookie RT, or delve into FA for one.

Cap Hit: 1,725,000

Total Cap: 25,602,500