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Peyton Manning Decision Reportedly To Be Delayed, But Both Arizona And Denver Feel Confident

After a whirlwind of a weekend, Peyton Manning has apparently completed his recruiting tour in the West. He visited the Denver Broncos and then the Arizona Cardinals over the weekend. Both teams feel confident about how things went, but Manning reportedly is not ready to make his decision.

It was previously reported that Manning had desired to make his decision by Tuesday. Now ESPN's Chris Mortenson is saying that Manning "is highly unlikely" to decide before the league free agency period begins Tuesday at 1 PM Arizona time.

Both Arizona and Denver feel confident of the situation.

As previously posted, John Gambadoro reported that, while no deal had been done, Manning would be a Cardinal unless the Bidwills messed something up in negotiations.

In another report, people with the Denver Broncos were saying that they were 95 percent sure that Manning would choose Denver. However, the report that had Manning contacting the team was refuted by Manning's camp.

Basically, in Colorado they think Manning will pick them and here in Arizona it is believed that Manning will end up here.

From what we know, there were not any contract talks in the meeting with Arizona. The many hours were spent here were about talking football and it was reported that Manning was very "into it."

So just when we thought that there would be an answer coming soon, this could be dragged on a little bit.

More time for speculation!

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