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Peyton Manning Now Adding Teams To Talk To

Quarterback Peyton Manning visited the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals over the weekend and it was believed in both markets that he would choose one or the other. However, late Sunday, it became apparent that Manning was not going to be able to make his decision before the start of free agency on Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday, he was in Indianapolis and met for several hours with team officials of the Miami Dolphins, a team that has long been connected to Manning as a possible destination.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortenson, the meeting was between Manning and Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, along with other officials.

But that is not the only team left for Manning. Also according to Mortenson, Manning will meet with Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak in the next couple of days. The Titans came into the picture suddenly as apparently their owner, Bud Adams, decided that Manning was the guy they wanted, despite the faith they have in Matt Hasselbeck and 2011 first round pick Jake Locker.

The issue for the Arizona Cardinals and other teams is that if Manning does not make his decision in a timely manner, it affects what the teams are able to do in free agency. The Cardinals, in particular, have an important decision to make before the end of the week regarding Kevin Kolb. They believe he can still be good, but they do not wish to pay him the $7 million option bonus that he is due by Saturday.

We will keep you posted on Manning-watch, as always.

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