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NFL Free Agency: Would Robert Meachem Be A Fit With The Arizona Cardinals?

Now that we have finished the offensive line and the pass rusher portions of our NFL free agency series, let's move on to a position that some may figure to be the most important. Since letting Steve Breaston walk to Kansas City via free agency, the Arizona Cardinals have been looking for that perfect #2 wide receiver to complement their superstar, Larry Fitzgerald.

Last season, they thought that either Andre Roberts or Early Doucet could step up and be that guy. While they both proved to be good receivers, they are far too inconsistent at times and often fail to take pressure off of Fitz. What the Cards need is a guy that can sprint down the field and grab the long ball, dragging a safety with him.

So for this next portion of the series, we will look at wide receivers. Strictly, we will look at guys that would be possible fits as #2 players on the team (players such as Vincent Jackson don't count). So to kick it off, let's start with one of the fastest receivers in the whole league -- Robert Meachem.

While in New Orleans, Meachem has seen time both as the #2 and the #3 wideout for the Saints. He can play in the slot, but excels on the outside where he is able to use his tremendous speed to get down the field. With that, athletes such as Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham became much more available to Drew Brees.

The former first round draft pick could be everything the Cardinals are looking for. He has good size at 6'2" and 214 pounds and has big play ability. Last season, he averaged just about 16 yards per reception and had a long of 67 yards.

While at Tennessee, Meachem was also a threat out of the backfield. In a way, he can be a versatile receiver that somewhat reminds me of Percy Harvin, although not quite the rusher.

There are a few bugaboos with him, however. He had 47 receptions last season according to Pro Football Focus, but he also had 5 drops. Also, Meachem's yards after catch per reception was a paltry 3.1. My last issue with Meachem is whether or not he is a true #2 wideout. He split a lot of time with guys like Devery Henderson, so it's a bit difficult to tell. He is still young and could potentially break out, but there would be some risk involved.

I would not be opposed to the Cardinals signing Meachem whatsoever. I think he has proven that he has the ability to play, but is his potential higher than that of a guy like Andre Roberts? I am not so sure. If his agent and the team can agree on a medium length deal with only a small portion guaranteed, then go for it. If not, there are plenty of other options.

What do you think? Should the Cards pursue Robert Meachem in free agency (which starts in a few minutes, by the way)? Tell us in the comments section below and vote in the poll.

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