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NFL Free Agency: Should The Arizona Cardinals Target Lee Evans?

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With so many wide receiver free agents flying off the shelves yesterday, my plans for this portion of the free agency have gone pretty much down the drain. Oh well, such is life in the NFL. Anyhow, yesterday I asked you about Robert Meachem (who signed with the Chargers later on in the day). 74% of the voters said they would have liked to see him in Cardinal Red, but again, that plan is no longer a possibility.

As for today's player, I feel like he may be on the market for a little while. The Baltimore Ravens recently cut Lee Evans after an abysmal 2011 season. Before that, the Cardinals were reportedly in pursuit of his services to become the team's #2 wideout. Would it make sense for them to continue on that road? Let's find out after the jump.

Evans was very much a non-factor for the Ravens in 2011. After trading a fourth round pick to the Buffalo Bills for his services, he was expected to be the type of receiver that would fit in seamlessly next to former Cardinal Anquan Boldin. Unfortunately, Evans was only able to play in a total of 9 games, starting 2 of them. In those nine games, he made a total of just four receptions.

Still, we cannot discount the success that Evans has had in the past. He was once a burner for the Bills and a true #1 wide receiver. He could stretch the field and with his tremendous speed and athleticism, he became an easy target for whoever was throwing him the ball.

He, like Meachem, could be just what the Cardinals are looking for, but at a much cheaper price. If Evans can be even a semblance of what he was just two seasons ago, he could be a solid pickup for the Cards. With so many receivers already off the market, retaining a guy like Early Doucet or signing another receiver might be a bit more difficult to do. Because of that, the receiver position might get forced down the priority list. That's why Evans could be such a good fit.

What are your thoughts on Evans? Should the Cardinals take another swing at the speedy wideout? Voice your opinion in the comments section and vote in the poll.

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