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NFL Free Agency 2012: Arizona Cardinals Bolster Offensive Line By Adding Adam Snyder

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Finally, the Arizona Cardinals have pulled the trigger. No, it wasn't the free agent signing we are all hoping for (Manning), but it's definitely a start. Official team writer Darren Urban announced via Twitter just a short time ago that the Cardinals had reached a tentative agreement with offensive lineman Adam Snyder on a five-year deal. Terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Let's take a look at what Snyder will be bringing to the organization for the next half decade after the jump.

One of the phrases that keeps getting tossed around about Snyder is that he is somewhat a jack of all trades. He has the ability to play at any position along the offensive line, which is definitely a bonus considering the frequency in which linemen get injured. Last season, Snyder was the starting right guard for the division rival 49ers, but he has played at tackle in the past.

It is, as of now, unclear as to what Snyder's role with the Cardinals will be. He could come in and compete for the starting right guard spot with Rex Hadnot or he could simply be a depth signing. We will have to wait for the team to address that question.

What we can do is look at Snyder's stats and question whether or not this was a good move. Obviously this will be determined by the type of salary he received, but it's not looking promising as of now. Last season, Snyder allowed 42 overall pressures (including the 2 playoff games) which accounted for the second most of all guards in 2011. On top of that, he only played in about 13 1/2 games and was part of a run first offense.

The versatility, health and veteran leadership that Snyder will bring with him from the Bay Area are big bonuses, but do those qualities outweigh his subpar performance last season? What do you think of this signing? I'll update the story once I get more information on the contract details.


Snyder said in his press conference that the conversations he had with the Cardinals brass, "leaned towards" him playing at the guard position. That is where he last played in San Francisco. He also said that the Peyton Manning sweepstakes had no impact on his signing here. Other than that, he sounded excited to be in Arizona and seemed to be familiar with the area.

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