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ROTB Roundtable: Manning Mania, Kevin Kolb, and Brandon Marshall

Another Wednesday, another Roundtable. The start of Free Agency has brought many questions on to the Cardinals, and with questions, come answers.

Hit the jump for the ROTB Writing Staff's answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) It's been asked before, but now with Manning mania at it's height, it has to be asked again. Which team do you think Peyton Manning will end up with? (Try to be as un-biased as possible)

Cdeveau: In reading the news today, the talking heads have Manning's destination down to two teams, according to their sources, Titans and Broncos...If I had to pick between those two, it would be the Titans. Why, closer to home, East coast, etc. If I'm not believing the news, and there are still more teams in play, I'd still say the Titans. Rumors are he doesn't want to join the NFC. Cut the Cards there. C'est la vie.

Tyler Nickel: The Cardinals

JoeCB1991: I saw that the list was at four teams with those two on top. Don't forget he went to College at Tennessee so it would be like being back home for him too. I've never had my hopes up for Manning too much as this entire thing went along because if I was not expecting him to come here I would be less disappointed when we did not get him. This has been a fun couple of weeks huh?

Jess Root: I really believe the Cardinals have the best chance. That is, unless Tennessee is too enticing to play in the same division as the Colts. I can't see him going to Denver unless he is trying to get the whole Indy gang back together. Plus, if you look at who is making the least amount of noise as an organization, it is the Cardinals. Sounds like a little confidence.

Jesse Reynolds: I think Manning will go to the Broncos. While the weather isn't great, it is a great football city and John Fox and Mr. Elway are a dang good FO/Coach combo. Tennessee also scares me because they have a pretty good team, a good RB, good WR options, a decent line, a decent defense, they are in the AFC, they are his "home town team" BUT they play the Colts twice a year. Arizona is third as our offensive line is offensive. Miami? Psh.

Alex Mann: I still think Arizona. With the addition of Snyder today who will, IMO, be playing at RT, the Cardinals are set when and if we nab Demetrius Bell. Manning will come here because of our O-Line, and Larry Fitzgerald.

2) Kevin Kolb is due his $7 million soon. Do you think he'll get it, or will he be cut from the Cardinals roster?

Cdeveau: Kolb will get his money. Why? Cause Manning has placed the Cards in a no win situation. And a Kolb in the hand is worth a bush full of Mannings. (Note, expect to see the Cards with Skelton at the helm halfway through the season. My bold prediction now.)

Tyler Nickel: I think that if the Cards get Manning they'll end up cutting Kolb.

JoeCB1991: I'm fine with riding with Kolb and Skelton, so I'm okay with him getting his money.

Jess Root: The only way he gets cut is if Manning is signed. Other than that, he's here to stay.

Jesse Reynolds: Kolb will get paid and restructured as I do not see Manning signing with us and we will need the cap room to sign one of the three offensive lineman we have visiting.

Alex Mann: If Manning comes then he'll be cut. If Manning doesn't then Kolb will stay. I can see his contract being restructured too.

3) The Dolphins traded away Brandon Marshall to the Bears, in what many said was a strange deal. Why do you think they did this?

Cdeveau: Brandon "I can't stay out of trouble with the law" Marshall. It might be because of an article I read today where he slugged a woman celebrating her birthday at a night club in New York. I mean, why else move someone of his talent for a pair of third round picks?

Tyler Nickel: Because Brandon Marshall is a head case.

JoeCB1991: I've also seen that it was because someone threw a bottle at his wife's face (the same wife that stabbed him last year). There is no question that Marshall has a ton of talent, but he also has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm guessing that the Bears are confident that having him around Cutler and Jeremy bates who he worked with in Denver will help him.

Jess Root: I was shocked by it. But Marshall has burned bridges before (Denver) and now got in trouble with the law. Chicago is desperate for a big-time WR, so the move makes sense, at least for the short-term, until he burns the Bears bridge, too.

Jesse Reynolds: The Miami trade is a head-scratcher to me. While Brandon Marshall isn't the best personality he is physically one of the most gifted WR's in the NFL. The Bears got a lot better with him as Cutler can finally throw a jump ball to someone - and have it caught.

Alex Mann: It was... The Dolphins traded two 3rd Rounds for Marshall, the Bears traded two Second Rounds... I don't think Marshall improved that much in Miami to be worth two Second Rounders.