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Kevin Kolb Likely To Be Kept On Roster If Peyton Manning Does Not Reach Decision Today

Have we seen Kevin Kolb in a Cardinals uniform for the last time?
Have we seen Kevin Kolb in a Cardinals uniform for the last time?

Today is one the biggest days of the offseason for the Arizona Cardinals. With Peyton Manning still sitting around at Duke University, pondering over who he will play for next season, the Cards have a huge decision to make. If Manning is going to be their guy, then Arizona -- in all likelihood -- will choose to cut Kevin Kolb from the roster.

If the decision is to release Kolb, the Cardinals have t-minus 8 hours to make it happen.

The cutoff time for releasing Kolb is set at 1 P.M. MST today. That is because the NFL league offices must be informed of the transaction and their offices close at that time. So although Kolb's $7 million bonus is not due until Saturday, the decision will have to be made today.

But if the Cardinals do end up paying the bonus and keeping Kolb (which I suspect will happen at this point), that does not preclude them from signing Peyton Manning.

The Cards should still have the cap room (barring the numbers on the new contracts for both Levi Brown and Adam Snyder) to sign Manning and keep Kolb as the backup. To me, that is an ideal situation anyhow. With Manning's neck issues still in question, having a more than capable 2nd string quarterback is important.

So if the Cardinals cut Kolb, then you will have likely already seen that Manning has decided to join Arizona. If Kolb is kept on board, then we are still stuck in a holding pattern. Pretty much anything can happen at this point.

Tune in this afternoon to see what happens.

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