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NFL Free Agency 2012: Should The Arizona Cardinals Pursue Brandon Lloyd?

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If you have been keeping up with all of the NFL Free Agency news, then you know how quickly wide receivers have been flying off the shelves in the open market. Teams are scooping them up like free pancakes at IHOP at this point. Still, there are a few quality players left, some of which the Cardinals could look at to be their new #2 option.

Yesterday, we asked if that guy should be Mario Manningham. Depending on the type of contract he is looking for, 75% of the voters were in favor of bringing him to the desert. He has the ability to stretch the field with his speed and he clearly has some untapped potential, so he could be a solid signing.

Today, we are going to look at a player that brings a bit more of a veteran presence to the table. Brandon Lloyd will be entering his 10th season in the NFL and at the age of 30, he may be looking for another new team to join. So far he has been apart of 5 different organizations during his tenure. Could the Cardinals make it 6?

Brandon Lloyd has become best known around the league for some of the spectacular catches he has made over the years. Last season, while he was with the division rival Rams, Lloyd was able to stretch out and make this spectacular grab.

It doesn't get much better than that if you ask me.

Even though Lloyd was traded mid-season, he was still able to make an impact in St. Louis. He caught 51 passes for 683 yards and 5 touchdowns during his time there. He became one of the most dependable targets for Sam Bradford and his backup, A.J. Feeley.

So although Lloyd is typically thought of as a #1 type of receiver, is it possible that he could come in and playing below Larry Fitzgerald on the depth chart with the Cardinals? At this point in his career, I am not sure there are a ton of teams lining up to sign him to be their #1 receiver all while having a shot at a Super Bowl. So I would think he would be open to the idea of becoming the second option for a contender.

Lloyd could potentially create on of the better -- if not the best -- wide receiver duos here in Arizona. The only problem is that he will likely be seeking too much money.

If the contract is right, then I think the Cards should definitely explore signing Lloyd. He could create a versatile and explosive wide receiver corps for years to come.

What are your thoughts on Lloyd? Could he come in and do the job that the Cardinals would be asking him to do? Will he be able to do it at a reasonable cost? Tell us what you think in the comments section below and as always, leave your vote in the ballot box.

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