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Levi Brown Returns To Arizona Cardinals With 5-Year Deal

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As noted in a an earlier Fanshot, the Arizona Cardinals have brought back offensive lineman Levi Brown, just days after having released him to relieve their salary cap situation. Cardinals fans have long felt that the offensive line has been perhaps the biggest issue on the team, and the sacks allowed over the past couple of season would support that.

While the specific salary numbers of the contract are not yet known, Adam Schefter tweeted one piece of information.

Five-year deals seem to be the new trend for the Cardinals and their offensive linemen. Last offseason, they signed Daryn Colledge and Lyle Sendlein to deals of the same length, while this week they added Adam Snyder to the mix on a five-year contract.

The cost can't be too high, as there was apparently no other interest initially from teams around the league.

As of now, it is unknown whether Brown will play right tackle or left tackle. It likely will depend on what happens in the rest of the free agency period and in the draft. The team has already visited with tackle Demetrius Bell. Likewise, in many mock drafts, the Cardinals are expected to take a player such as Stanford OT Jonathan Martin.

My guess? Brown plays left tackle again this season and the rookie starts on the right side this season.

The question is now -- how do you feel about the return of Levi Brown?

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