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Arizona Cardinals Reportedly Release WR Chansi Stuckey

The Arizona Cardinals reportedly made another free agent move on Friday. After announcing the re-signing of Levi Brown, they made a move to give them more room to work with within the salary cap. Jason Cole from Yahoo! tweeted this:

Stuckey was due to make $1.75 million dollars this season and had a cap figure of of over $2 million.

The move looks to be both a mix of salary cap relief and simply not having plans fro Stuckey.

In 2011 he only caught four passes on the season and was known most for fumbling the ball early in the season against the Washington Redskins in what could have been a game-winning drive.

The Cardinals are looking at receivers to add to the roster, but for a guy that would end up at best as the fourth receiver, they would apparently rather go with one of the younger layers they have in the fold. They still have Stephen Williams, DeMarco Sampson and Jaymar Johnson who were all on the team last season and could step up to move up in the depth chart.

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