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NFL Free Agency 2012: Recapping The Wide Receivers

Over the past week, we have examined five wide receivers that could (or could have been) targets for the Arizona Cardinals. The team is still looking for that perfect speed receiver that can take pressure off of Larry Fitzgerald all while providing a deep threat for Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.

Some of the options I presented were signed later on, but still, one has to wonder how that player would have looked in Cardinal Red. Let's look at the voting results for each player and take one final tally.

The least popular receiver was Jerome Simpson -- who is still available as an unrestricted free agent. Only 40% of the voters were in favor of bringing him in, mainly due to his past legal issues.

Next came Lee Evans. 57% of the people polled think he can be a good addition to the team, as he is still on the open market, but his injury problems gave many some concern.

Robert Meachem was a resounding yes, garnering 74% of the positive votes. Unfortunately, he has taken his quickness and skill to the San Diego Chargers, so he is no longer an option.

And for the most popular receiver, there was a tie. Both Brandon Lloyd and Mario Manningham received 77% of the positive votes, but neither of them are available anymore. Lloyd just signed with the Patriots and Manningham decided to go to the Bay Area to join Randy Moss and the 49ers.

What these polls tell us is that fans truly believe the Cardinals still need to upgrade the #2 WR position. Most of these players would provide that much needed boost, but unfortunately, the most popular ones have already signed with other teams.

Still, let's find out with one final vote who you would have liked to see in Cardinal Red. Also, feel free to tell us how you voted in the comments below.

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