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Rex Hadnot Reportedly Could Have Been Released By Arizona Cardinals

With the signing this week of guard Adam Snyder, Vikings writer Jeremy Fowler reported that Rex Hadnot, the 2011 starter at right guard for the Arizona Cardinals, has been released from the team. This has not been confirmed by Darren Urban yet, but it certainly could be possible.

Tweeted Fowler:

There is reason to believe it might not be true. For one, no other reporter has confirmed the rumor. Likewise, Fowler mistook Rex for Red.

However, at first glance it would sort of make sense. Hadnot is in the final year of a three-year, $9 million contract. $3 million per year for a backup lineman with the Cardinals being so tight with the salary cap would cause one to think it would be a cap saving move. However, according to, his cap hit is only $2 million.

That is much more doable for a backup, especially one with the experience and versatility of Hadnot, who can play either guard position and center.

If released, it could open the door for Deuce Lutui to return, or make us believe another signing is coming or that guard will be a priority at some point in the draft.

As soon as we hear, we will let you know!