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2012 NFL Free Agency: Levi Brown Had Other Teams Interested

When offensive tackle Levi Brown re-signed with the Arizona Cardinals, it was largely believed that he did so because there was market for him across the league. It turns out this reportedly is not true. Mike Jurecki tweeted this on Monday:

This tells us a lot about Brown.

He would have had the opportunity to start anew, much like Leonard Davis did when he left to go to the Cowboys, moving to guard and putting together a few very good seasons after that. Likewise, the Cardinals had the perfect opportunity to toss him to the side and cut their losses on a busted pick.

But he didn't and the team didn't. We don't know what teams contacted Brown or what type salary they were offering, but it seems like Brown genuinely likes it here.

Offensive line coach Russ Grimm could be another factor. Despite what Cardinals fans might think, Grimm is one of the most respected coaches out there in the league. He is a Hall of Famer, so Brown might have wanted to work under Grimm again.

But none of that really means anything.

The fact is that Brown WANTED to come back and told his agent otherwise to get a deal done.

What does this mean in 2012? Hopefully a continuation of the quality play he had when he was finishing the second half of the season.

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