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NFC West Stengths, Cardinals Free Agency And Peyton Manning Going To The Broncos Take Center Stage In Arizona Birdgang Podcast

Another Arizona Birdgang Podcast is in the books, but this time, Joe and I are your only two hosts. Mario was off this week, still sulking over Peyton Manning's decision to join the Denver Broncos instead of the Arizona Cardinals.

Speaking of Manning's decision, that was one of the topics Joe and I touched on (along with the occasional input from McStats). For the rest of the topics and to listen to the latest show, hit the jump.

Have the Cardinals been active enough in free agency? Do you like the small moves that they have made thus far? Joe and I give our takes on what the Cards have done this offseason.

While the Cardinals continue to "keep the course", other teams around the NFC West have been making some moves. We go over what the Rams, Seahawks and 49ers have done so far and give our opinions on whether or not we like their latest transactions.

Kolb or Skelton? The seemingly timeless battle comes to life again, this time taking form on the podcast. Joe and I state which side of the fence we are on and whether or not Kolb should have received his $7 million bonus.

Were Kurt Warner's comments about the Cardinals fair or foul? Would the Cardinals have been a good fit for Peyton Manning? Hear our takes and tell us what you think.

And throughout the show, we mix in some Peyton Manning talk. Manning chose the Broncos to be his next team, but was that the right choice? Why did the Cardinals get turned down? Joe and I discuss that in depth.

Those are just a few of the topics, but we go over so much more in this edition of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast entitled, "Keeping The Course".

Listen in on the only Arizona Cardinals fan podcast around. The Arizona Birdgang Podcast is created by the fans, for the fans. Use the embedded player below, or if you are on your mobile phone, use the direct link to the episode. Thanks for listening!

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