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Arizona Cardinals Re-Sign Early Doucet, What Can We Expect In 2012?

As already noted in a FanPost, the Arizona Cardinals have brought back receiver Early Doucet, having agreed with him on a two-year contract,. Doucet, while he can be remembered for the pass he didn't catch in the endzone against the Cincinnati Bengals, had a pretty decent year, considering he had never made it through an entire season healthy.

He finished with 54 catches for 654 yards and five TDs.

There was some question whether he is the number two receiver the Cardinals need.

While the title number two doesn't matter as much. He plays almost exclusively from the slot, while Andre Roberts plays on the outside.

What was more notable about Doucet were he 23 catches and two TDs on third down.

What can we expect this season? I would think we could expect more of him this season if he stays healthy again.

Will he emerge and play a bigger role, much like Anquan Boldin. Boldin ran from the slot receiver and was still considered a number two guy.

What do you predict his performance will be be?

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