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ROTB Roundtable: FA Grade and Free Agents

It's been an eventful week in the NFL, with the start of Free Agency, Manning Mania finally over, Bountygate being dealt with, and many trades. Although the Cardinals weren't the most active team regarding moves and aquisitions, they still stayed in the news, and of course, with media attention, questions are brought up, and with questions come answers from the ROTB Writing Staff.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below! (Note: This week's edition is one question short, as the third question was about where Tim Tebow will end up, and he was already traded to the Jets)

1) How would you grade the Cardinals performance in Free Agency so far?

Tyler Nickel: There hasn't been much action in free agency for the Cards this year. They let Richard Marshall walk, so I'm a bit upset about that. I'd give them a C- counting all the moves they have made so far. Looking forward to seeing what they have planned.

Cdeveau: Grading free agency for the Cards. A big fat Z. Not even an F for failure. No long term deal for Calais Campbell. Richard Marshall walked. They've failed to upgrade the O-line, the WR position, or the OLB position.

JoeCB1991: D, because of the loss of Richard Marshall and all of the cap space problems that have kept the team from really going after anyone that could improve the team. not even considering the whole failed Peyton Manning chase because I did not think we would get him anyway.

CardsFan08: C, because it's not done yet, they may still get Bell. But I'm upset at the loss of Marshall and not being able to come to terms with CC.

Jess Root: I can't give the team an F. They tried to get Peyton Manning. We should have known that there was not gonig to be a ton of movement this offseason. Based on that, I give the team a 'C'. They have addressed the offensive line, they re-signed Doucet and they are working on Calais Campbell's contract.

2) Are there any specific FA's still available that you hope the Cardinals take a look at?

Tyler Nickel: They need another tackle so Demetrius Bell and Marcus McNeill could both be fits.

Cdeveau: Yes. Demetrius Bell, OT. I've lost track of who is available at WR and OLB. However, I'm not holding out hope that the Cards make any more moves.

JoeCB1991: Demtrius Bell

CardsFan08: They need to get Bell. The O-Line has been terrible for the last two years, it's time to put in some stop gaps and draft some true talent.

Jess Root: At this point, there is no one specific. I would have liked to have seen Mario Manningham looked at, and perhaps Demetrius Bell, but no one I feel the team has to go for.