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Bountygate Suspensions Make Life A Little Easier For Arizona Cardinals

The punishment finally came down on Wednesday for the bounty program that defensive coordinator Gregg Williams organized while with the New Orleans Saints. According to reports, the Saints and also the Redskins under Williams would pay players for "knockout hits" and that at least four QBs, including former Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner were targets.

The Saints got punished severely, as the did the St, Louis Rams, but not the team itself. Sean Payton, New Orleans' head coach, is suspended for one year without pay. The team loses its second-round draft pick this year and in 2013.

The Rams, who hired Williams this offseason, lose their new defensive coordinator. Williams is suspended indefinitely, at least through this season.

What does this mean for the Cardinals?

At first look, all it basically does is move the Cardinals up one spot in the draft this April starting in the third round, and also in the draft next year. This obviously means that they will have a slightly better chance at landing their player targets.

At another level, the Rams are scrambling now. They have some players and a new coaching staff, but now they have the stink of this scandal upon them, simply by association. They did nothing wrong, but the loss of Williams is a benefit to Arizona and the rest of the division because he has been able to develop and coach some very solid defenses over the years.

Ideally, this means that the road to winning the NFC West is a little easier. In reality we will have to wait and see. Perhaps the Rams rally around Williams and perhaps they fall apart. Whichever it is, we will work on it.

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