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3-22-12: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings - Tebow And Bountygate

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Time for some links. Not a whole lot of news relating to the Cardinals, but plenty of stuff on Tebot-time moving to the Jets, and the NFL hammering the Saints for Bountygate.

Arizona Cardinals News:

Word From the Birds Blog - How Saints’ punishments impact Cards
The punishments for the New Orleans Saints — at least most of them, since the player punishments are still TBD — came down Wednesday and they provided the expected doozy: A year-long suspension without pay for Saints coach Sean Payton, an indefinite suspension for former DC Gregg Williams of at least a year, and an eight-game ban for general manager Mickey Loomis. Obviously this isn’t about the Cardinals, although there are parts of this that do impact the Cards:

Arizona Cardinals agree to terms with free-agent wide receiver Early Doucet
The Cardinals agreed to terms Tuesday with free-agent wide receiver Early Doucet on a two-year contract. Terms of the deal were not immediately available.

Arizona Cardinals react to Tim Tebow trade -
Tim Tebow is one of the most popular -- and controversial -- athletes of our time. So, it goes without saying that his trade to the New York Jets has elicited responses from all sorts of people, including fellow NFL players. How do the Arizona Cardinals feel about the move? Here's a collection of some of their top tweets regarding the subject.

Arizona Cardinals react to Saints fallout -
The NFL handed down some heavy punishment on the New Orleans Saints over their bounty program, which encouraged defensive players to try and injure opposing quarterbacks. While fans have opinions on whether or not the punishment was too steep -- or not enough -- one has to wonder how the guys who actually play the game feel. So, we collected some of the best tweets from Arizona Cardinals on the subject to give you an idea.

Bloggerment: Would Arizona have given Manning an easier path to Super Bowl? -
Bloggerment: Arizona Sports 620 bloggers Rod Lakin and Jarrett Carlen argue whether Peyton Manning made the best selection to add to his Super Bowl résumé?.

Arizona Sports News:

Suns never really gain footing in loss at Orlando Magic
Ryan Anderson hit seven 3-pointers and scored 29 points, Dwight Howard added 28 points and 16 rebounds, and the Orlando Magic held off the Phoenix Suns 103-93 on Wednesday night. Orlando led by as many as 22 points before the Suns surged with under five minutes to play. But the Magic, who were 11 for 23 from beyond the arc, were able to string together enough baskets down the stretch to hold on to the victory.

Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan suspended for elbow
Coyotes captain Shane Doan was suspended for three games by the NHL on Wednesday for elbowing the Dallas Stars' Jamie Benn in the head during the second period of Tuesday night's game, which the Coyotes lost 4-3 in a shootout.

Adam Archuleta didn't think 'bounty program' was unusual -
Adam Archuleta played in the NFL for seven seasons, spending time with the St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears. The former Sun Devil's time in Washington was spent playing for defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

NFL News:

NFL weighs changes on overtime, defenseless players, trade deadline | ProFootballTalk
The NFL’s Competition Committee announced several proposed changes to the game-day rules and the league bylaws on a conference call with reporters on Wednesday afternoon. The rules changes that are being proposed are:

Competition Committee proposes no increased protection for quarterbacks | ProFootballTalk
Perhaps the biggest news to come from the list of the proposed rules changes and bylaws comes from the portion of the rule book that wasn’t affected. No changes have been proposed to the rules regarding the protection of quarterbacks.

Instant replay could be changed, again | ProFootballTalk
When the NFL owners meet next week in Florida, they’ll consider (as they usually do) a long list of rules changes. Two of the proposed rules relate to the instant replay system.

Sean Payton's Suspension Is What Roger Goodell Needs -
We knew the Saints punishment was coming, and Wednesday, Roger Goodell and the NFL suspended Sean Payton for one year, sending the same message that the NFL's been selling all along.

Saints' Sean Payton Suspended 1 Year For Bounty Scandal; Others Fined, Suspended -
The punishment for those involved in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal is in and it's bigger than expected. According to multiple reports, Saints head coach Sean Payton will be suspended for one full year for his role in the scandal, GM Mickey Loomis has been suspended eight games and the Saints organization itself has been fined $500,000 and stripped of second round picks in the 2012 and 2013 NFL draft. Gregg Williams, former Saints defensive coordinator who is now with the St. Louis Rams, has been suspended indefinitely. Joe Vitt, assistant head coach, has been suspended six games without pay.

Saints Punishment: 'Strong And Lasting Message Must Be Sent', Roger Goodell Says -
When the news of the New Orleans Saints bounty program over the last three seasons came out a few weeks ago, many figured the NFL would come down especially hard on those involved considering NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's tenure has been highlighted by his focus on player safety.

Saints Players Yet To Be Punished In Bounty Scandal -
The NFL brought the hammer down on the New Orleans Saints organization for their role in the three-year bounty program uncovered by the league's investigation last month. Saints head coach Sean Payton has been suspended for a year, GM Mickey Loomis for eight games and the Saints will lose second round picks in the 2012 and 2013 NFL draft. Payton, Loomis and the Saints organization were all fined, as was assistant head coach Joe Vitt, who was also suspended six gams. Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been suspended indefinitely.

Saints Punishment: Sean Payton Stunned, Didn't Expect 1-Year Suspension -
Sean Payton's one-year suspension, effective on April 1, came as a shock not only to the entire sports world, but to the New Orleans Saints head coach himself. The NFL Network's Jay Glazer interviewed Payton immediately following commissioner Roger Goodell's decision. Payton was reportedly stunned.

Drew Brees On Saints Punishment: 'I Am Speechless' -
The New Orleans Saints were hammered by the NFL for the bounty program they conducted under head coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams for the last three seasons. Payton is suspended for a year, GM Mickey Loomis is out for half a season and the organization has been stripped of second round picks in the next two drafts. Of all the punishments for those involved, Payton's full-year suspension is the most unbelievable one. The suspension starts on April 1 so he'll soon be gone from the Saints facilities for an entire year. The Saints best player, Drew Brees, said via Twitter that he is "speechless" after seeing the punishments.

Saints Punishment Will Cost Sean Payton $7.5 Million -
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton apparently isn't taking his one-year bountygate suspension too well, with Jay Glazer reporting that the coach was stunned by the news. Perhaps even more shocking than the severity of the punishment is how much Payton stands to lose from it. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Payton will also lose one year's salary:

VIDEO: Gregg Williams' Indefinite Suspension And Why Roger Goodell Had To Act -
SB Nation's latest at YouTube takes a look at the unprecedented punishments handed out to the New Orleans Saints after a lengthy NFL investigation found the existence of a bounty program, which rewarded players financially for hurting opposing players.

Rams Didn't Know About Gregg Williams, Saints Bounty Program -
St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher met with media on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the team's plans now that defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been suspended indefinitely due the his role in running a bounty program with the New Orleans Saints. Fisher clarified that he never would have hired Williams had he known about the investigation.

Gregg Williams, Suspended Indefinitely By NFL, Hopes To Return To Coaching -
The story of the day, besides the Tim Tebow non-trade, is that the NFL has come down hard on several coaches and executives of the New Orleans Saints for their role in the three-year bounty program discovered by a league investigation.

Warren Sapp, Jeremy Shockey Battle It Out Over Saints Bounty 'Snitch' Claim - From Our Editors -
You just knew this wasn't going to end well. Warren Sapp apparently thought he found out who broke open the New Orleans Saints bounty investigation. So, of course, he tweeted it.

Tim Tebow Traded To Jets For 4th Round Pick; Teams Swap 6th, 7th Round Picks -
The speculation was fast and furious, but did not last very long at all. Just one day after publicly introducing Peyton Manning as their new starting quarterback, the Denver Broncos have traded incumbent QB Tim Tebow to the New York Jets.

Tim Tebow Trade To Jets Doesn't Go Over Well In New York -
Tim Tebow is officially a member of the New York Jets. The organization traded a fourth round pick to acquire the third-year quarterback from the Denver Broncos--and the media circus that is sure to follow--not long after signing Mark Sanchez to a hefty five-year extension and Drew Stanton to play backup. Suffice it to say, Twitter is going insane with reactions. John B. over at the Jets SB Nation blog Gang Green Nation gave his two cents, and it's fair to say he is none too happy:

Where Does Tim Tebow Fit With The New York Jets? -
Following the 2011 NFL season, the New York Jets brass talked about bringing in competition for Mark Sanchez, who has been less than stellar in his brief NFL career. They flirted with Peyton Manning in free agency but that only resulted in a contract extension for Sanchez (which I still don't understand). Eventually, they brought in Drew Stanton as Sanchez's backup. And now the latest move at quarterback for the Jets is trading for Tim Tebow. The team sent a fourth round pick to the Broncos, and swapped a sixth and seventh round pick, for the rights to Tebow.

Tim Tebow To Jets And The Wildcat Effect -
Less than 24 hours after Denver Broncos VP John Elway indicated a Tim Tebow trade was possible, the Broncos pulled the trigger and sent Tebow to the New York Jets. The Broncos will receive fourth and sixth round picks in exchange for Tebow and their seventh round pick.

Tim Tebow's Role With Jets Isn't 'Clearly Defined' Yet -
Tim Tebow is heading to New York after the Jets traded fourth and sixth round picks for the now-former Denver Broncos quarterback. Everyone knew Tebow was on the trade block -- it was just a matter of which team would pull the trigger. Now that Tebow is headed to New York, everyone wants to know how he fits in. I argued that there is no clear role for Tebow right now and, according to Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News, that's the case. Mehta reports that the Jets don't have a "clearly defined role" yet.

Tim Tebow Trade Not Done Yet, 'Hangup' Could Nullify Deal -
All that talk about the Denver Broncos trading Tim Tebow to the New York Jets? That's put on hold for the moment. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the Jets and Broncos have "encountered a hangup" in Tebow's contract that could end up nullifying the trade.

Tim Tebow Trade Still Not Done; Jaguars 'Back In The Mix' -
You knew any trade involving Tim Tebow wouldn't be easy and this one isn't. The New York Jets announced on their Twitter feed Wednesday morning that they had traded for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Just a few hours later, the trade may not go through and other teams, like the Jacksonville Jaguars, could be back in the mix in the trade talks.

Tim Tebow Trade Destination Will Be His Choice, According To Report -
After the deal to send Tim Tebow to the New York Jets for a fourth and sixth round pick reportedly hit a snag because of Tebow's contract, the Jacksonville Jaguars re-entered the mix to trade for the polarizing quarterback. Now, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Denver Broncos have given Tebow the choice to decide with whom he will play in 2012.

Tim Tebow Trade To New York Jets Reportedly Back On -
After reports surfaced that the Denver Broncos gave Tim Tebow the chance to choose between the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Tebow has apparently chosen the Jets. The deal that was reported earlier Wednesday still stands, but here's a reminder of what the Jets are giving up:

John Elway, John Fox Release Statements On Tim Tebow Trade -
The trade sending Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets is official. The Broncos also sent a seventh-round pick in the upcoming 2012 NFL draft to New York, and will receive the Jets' fourth- and sixth-round 2012 selections in return. Broncos Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway and head coach John Fox released statements Wednesday night regarding the trade of the team's popular quarterback. Both come via Mile High Report.

PHOTO: JetBlue Employees Tebow On Tarmac After Trade Goes Through - From Our Editors -
JetBlue is the official airline of the New York Jets, so there's a connection here. That, of course, is why a few employees decided to Tebow on the tarmac in front of a Jets-themed plane after the trade to bring Tim Tebow to New York finally went through. None of this makes the photo any less ridiculous, but there's the context.

Jets say Sanchez is the starter, Tebow is the backup | ProFootballTalk
Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum made clear on Wednesday night that he traded for Tim Tebow to be a backup, not to supplant Mark Sanchez as the starter.

The Wildcat isn’t dead, just ask the Jets | ProFootballTalk
Jet G.M. Mike Tannenbaum held a post-Tebow trade conference call on Wednesday night. Perhaps the most prominent theme of Tannenbaum’s comments involved the Jets’ big plans for the Wildcat package with Tim Tebow at the helm, and Wildcat aficionado Tony Sparano coordinating the new-look offense.

Robert Griffin III's Pro Day Attended By Colts, Redskins -
Robert Griffin III put on a show at Baylor's Pro Day on Wednesday, completing 78-of-84 passes during the workout in front of representatives from the Washington Redskin and the Indianapolis Colts. Washington owner Dan Snyder, GM Bruce Allen and head coach Mike Shanahan were all attendance, as well as "plane load of people" from Indianapolis including offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen. Griffin apparently didn't disappoint, throwing just one bad pass on an out route in his first 50 attempts according to Charean Williams. The Redskins traded up for the second overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft with the St. Louis Rams and are almost certain to select Griffin. There did not appear to be anything Wednesday to deter them from that plan.

Goodell lowers boom on the Saints | ProFootballTalk
As expected, Commissioner Roger Goodell has hit the Saints hard for the bounty system that was employed for three seasons. news: Will Saints' Super Bowl XLIV victory now carry an asterisk?
Now that the NFL has levied its punishment on the New Orleans Saints, we know it definitely will affect the team's 2012 season. But what kind of lasting impact will this have on the national perception of the Saints' magical Super Bowl run in 2009-10? In your mind, will the XLIV victory now carry an asterisk?