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NFL Free Agency 2012: Should The Cardinals Bring On Marcus McNeill?

Before we move on to our next player, let's see what everyone thinks of Matt Roth, a player we looked at yesterday. 65% of the voters felt that as a run stopper and a solid veteran, Roth could provide some help at outside linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals. If he is willing to take a short-term deal and make way for both Sam Acho and O'Brien Schofield, then he could be a much welcomed addition.

Today, we look at a player that is only a free agent because he was recently released by the San Diego Chargers. After signing a 6-year deal worth almost $50 million last season, Marcus McNeill was cut earlier this month, making way for Jared Gaither to man the left tackle position. Now that McNeill is a free agent, should the Cardinals bring him in for a visit?

As a two-time Pro Bowl left tackle, McNeill has obviously seen his fair share of success in the NFL. As the protector of Philip Rivers' blindside, he was able to allow minimal pressure and keep his franchise quarterback upright most of the time. Some of that changed, however, when McNeill struggled a bit in 2011.

According to Pro Football Focus, McNeill was on the field for 329 pass blocking situations and 3 sacks, 2 hits and 18 pressures. The worst part about his performance was not as a pass blocker, though. In just 9 games, McNeill was penalized a total of nine times, with only one of those flags being declined or offset. Against the Chiefs in week 8, he collected six penalties.

PFF also gave McNeill a negative grade as a run blocker, unable to get enough spring for backs Mike Tolbert and Ryan Mathews.

Perhaps the most thing that any potential suitor will need to be wary of is McNeill's injury history. He was placed on the IR after week 10 last season for a neck injury, something that he had surgery on in 2009. This seems to be somewhat of a recurring issue for him and will scare some teams away.

If McNeill is looking for a contract that is not only short-term, but has limited guaranteed money, the Cardinals could have some interest in him. Yes, he played poorly at times last season, but there is no denying the talent that this player could still very well have. If the price is right, I say sign him.

What do you think about McNeill? Should the Cardinals risk some money to sign a former Pro Bowl tackle? Tell us what you think and vote in the poll.

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