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2012 NFL Free Agency: Arizona Cardinals Bring Back Kicker Feely, OL Batiste

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The Arizona Cardinals made another pair of free agent moves. They were not sexy moves and they weren't even new players. The team brought back kicker Jay Feely, signing him to a two-year contract, and also re-signed free agent offensive tackle D'Anthony Batiste. However, they were signings that needed to happen.

Feely didn't have a great start to the season and his two misses in Seattle made the difference in the that game, but finished strong. At the start of free agency, there were better and younger kickers available, but many of them ended up getting franchised.

With Feely, you know what you are getting -- a guy who is generally very consistent, can do a lot of different things on kickoffs (except boom it out of the endzone) and will even mix it up trying to make tackles.

Of course, he also scores touchdowns.

The one thing that could be a concern is his age, but we should already know about how kickers can play forever (Morten Anderson, Neil Anderson, among others). His issues with accuracy went away later in the season and likely will prove to be a fluke that happens sometimes.

Batiste is offensive line depth, and being that the only other tackles signed on the roster were Levi Brown and D.J. Young, someone who has some experience in the league and with the team is basically a necessity.

So while these were not exciting moves -- keeping with the trend of this offseason aside from the attempt to land Peyton Manning -- they were moves that needed to happen.

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