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Cardinals Free Agency 2012: Arizona Re-Signs Special Teams Ace Reggie Walker

After re-signing kicker Jay Feely and backup offensive lineman D'Anthony Batiste, the Arizona Cardinals made another move on Saturday, inking one of their premiere special teams players to a new deal.

Reggie Walker is apparently set to come back to the desert to be a member of the birdgang.

Walker himself announced the exciting news via Twitter on Saturday afternoon:

Walker was not only a great player on special teams, where he had 8 solo tackles and 3 assists according to Pro Football Focus, but he also has the ability to come in and make an impact on the defensive side of the ball.

When Daryl Washington became injured after playing the Panthers in week one, Walker saw plenty of playing time against the Redskins the next week. He is a great backup at the inside linebacker spot that is willing to do whatever is asked of him. That is why he got a new deal.

No terms of the contract have been released as of yet, but I will update the story once they are. As for now, this is a solid re-signing for the Cardinals and we should welcome Reggie back with open arms.

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