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NFL Free Agency 2012: Should The Arizona Cardinals Pursue Gary Gibson?

Free agency continues to move right along, but there are still plenty of solid players on the open market that are looking for new teams. One of those players is Visanthe Shiancoe, who according to his Twitter account, has been in conversations with the Arizona Cardinals. I asked you yesterday if he would be a fit with the Cards and 71% of the voters said no. The team already has a nice trio of tight ends on the roster in Rob Housler, Jeff King and Todd Heap. Adding Shiancoe to the mix seems a bit superfluous at this juncture.

For today, we will look at a position that although it is very strong, some depth would not hurt. The Cardinals currently have Dan Williams and David Carter manning the nose tackle position and both of those young players have done a fine job while on the field. However, Williams is constantly battling weight issues and will be returning from a broken arm next season. Carter is a young player and may not be a great option to start if need be (Nick Eason took that role when Williams went down).

So I figured I would throw a wrench into the mix. What about the Cardinals bringing on a former division foe in Gary Gibson?

As an undrafted free agent out of Rutgers, Gary Gibson has bounced around the NFL, landing on three different teams in his six seasons played. Most recently, he has been a member of the St. Louis Rams since 2009. Now, Gibson is a free agent and he could be looking for a new home.

Although he was a starter in 2010, Gibson moved to a reserve role with the Rams last season. At 6'3" and 312 pounds, he made for an effective defensive tackle in their 4-3 scheme. But with that size, I have no doubt that he could be a solid nose tackle in a 3-4 system as well.

Gibson had arguably his best year as a pro in 2011. He was very strong against the run and was also a force against the pass as well. According to Pro Football Focus, Gibson rushed the opposing quarterback 162 times and came up with three sacks, one QB hit and 10 pressures. They also gave him a grade of +5.9 for his work against the rush.

So would Gibson be a fit with the Cardinals? Again, much of it depends on the type of figures he will be looking for, but if he comes at a decent price, his depth could be a big bonus for this team. He not only would provide backup to Williams, but he could also be used in special packages. David Carter has the flexibility to play defensive end with his size and youth, so he would still have a role as well. All in all, Gibson could be a great signing.

What are your thoughts on Gibson? Could he fit in with the Cardinals' 3-4 scheme and be effective? Is he not the type of depth the team should be looking for? Tell us in the comments below and vote in the poll.

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