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William Gay a Cardinal (And other News)

It came out on Twitter last night "O yeah by the way I'm #Birdgang now west coast"

Now nothing official has been released but if this is true, it's the Cardinals first big signing this off-season and they picked up one of the better Corners in my opinion. We can only speculate how Greg Toler will be coming back from his injury he suffered against the Chargers in the third Preseason game, holding him out for the entirety of the 2011 season. Adding Gay we will have added someone who worked with Horton before so he knows the Defense that Horton will be running. He's a decent corner and earned the chance to start last season, and played solidly with that chance. It will be interesting to see what role William Gay would play on this team, whether continuing to be a backup or taking over Richard Marshall's left behind duties. I personally see him coming in to play over AJ Jefferson who was inconsistent much of last season, and will take the starting role opposite of Patrick Peterson if Greg Toler isn't who we wanted him to be.

On a side-note, I've been asked by a few fans on my Facebook page whether the Cardinals would pursue Asante Samuels. I don't see that happening if this is true, and even if it isn't true. The question came up on as well and Darren Urban answered it. The Cardinals have no interest in him. And there's still no new news on Demetrius Bell.

UPDATE: It's now Official. It's a two year deal, the rest of the details aren't released yet.