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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Starting The ROTB Community Draft

Hello ROTBers. I waited a little long, but it is time to start up our community mock draft and do our projections for the upcoming NFL Draft in April. Last year, we had members sign up for teams and then email me their picks. That was moderately successful.

I have a different idea this year. This time, what the plan is to use polls and comments.

With the pick of the day, we will give a list of several players and you can vote. The next day, the winner will be declared the pick and we will give some analysis on the quality of the pick.

So starting later today (Monday), we will put up the first pick poll.

How does that sound as a mock community draft? We could do it the other way, but I would need a really quick response and people to sign up for teams.

What do you think?