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ROTB Community Mock Draft Signup

OK...enough readers responded to the other mock draft that uses a poll to decide who gets picked, saying that you want an actual community mock draft that users make picks for.

So it is here. We will start quickly. Two picks a day to start off the first three days, then one a day.

I need everyone to grab teams today. In the comments, grab the teams you want. It can be more than one.

You email me at with pick and reasoning

Hit the jump for the schedule

  1. Colts (pick due Tuesday 10PM AZT)
  2. Redskins (pick due Wednesday noon AZT)
  3. Vikings (pick due Wednesday 10PM AZT)
  4. Browns (pick due Thursday noon AZT)
  5. Bucs (pick due Thursday 10PM AZT)
  6. Rams (pick due Friday noon AZT)
  7. Jags (due Friday 10PM AZT)
  8. Dolphins (due Saturday 10PM AZT)
  9. Panthers (due Sunday 10PM AZT)
  10. Bills (due Monday, April 2 10PM AZT) ALL THE REST OF PICKS DUE BY 10 PM AZT
  11. Chiefs (Tues April 3)
  12. Seahawks (Wed April 4)
  13. Cardinals (Thurs April 5)
  14. Cowboys (Friday April 6)
  15. Eagles (Sat April 7)
  16. Jets (Sun April 8)
  17. Bengals (Mon April 9)
  18. Chargers (Tues April 10)
  19. Bears (Wed April 11)
  20. Titans (Thurs April 12)
  21. Bengals (Fri April 13)
  22. Browns (Sat April 14)
  23. Lions (Sun April 15)
  24. Steelers (Mon April 16)
  25. Broncos (Tues April 17)
  26. Texans (Wed April 18)
  27. Patriots (Thurs April 19)
  28. Packers (Fri April 20)
  29. Ravens (Sat April 21)
  30. 49ers (Sun April 22)
  31. Patriots (Mon April 23)
  32. Giants (Tues April 24)
If this is to work, we need you all to grab teams fast, especially at the top.