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ROTB Roundtable: NFC West, Draft picks, and Luck vs. Griffin

As Free Agency starts to near it's end, and draft talk begins to pick up, more and more questions are raised about your Arizona Cardinals.

Hit the jump for the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of those questions, and don't forget to answer them yourself in the comments below!

1) With the Seahawks getting Matt Flynn, and the 49ers getting Randy Moss, how competitive do you think the NFC West will be next season? Will they still be the "NFL's doormat"?

Tyler Nickel: I feel like I say this every season, but I truly believe the NFC West will be better this season. Quite honestly, I think the NFC West is better than both the AFC West and NFC East anyhow... Feel free to disagree people.

JoeCB1991: I thought the NFC West would have been more competitive without those moves. Tavaris Jackson did play better towards the end of the season, and I don't really see Flynn as much of an upgrade over him. Seahawks should be good though. Randy Moss also looked way past his prime back in 2010 so I don't see him doing much for the Niners, especially with Alex Smith who is not a great vertical passer at QB. The 49ers have improved their receivers a lot though but I don't think they have a true #1 yet, their guys would mostly be #2 or #3 receivers on most teams.

Cdeveau: Based upon last season, I felt the NFC West was no longer the doormat of the NFL. That falls to the AFC West. That being said, I see improvements made by the NFC West teams to strengthen their steps away from cellar dwellers and into the forefront of contenders. That being said, I'm not sure the additions of Moss and Flynn have much to do with the progress the teams have made.

Jesse Reynolds: The NFC West will no longer be the doormat of the NFL. Too many teams are poised to improve. While we may have not been super active in FA I think our team will be improved from last year just because of the off-season. If our defense plays at the same level we will be good just because of that. The NFC West also has a host of good RB's and defenses, our conference will be tough to beat.

Alex Mann: I think that the NFC West will come out blazing. The Niners have assembled a crazy talented team, the Seahawks came on fire late in the season WITH Tavaris Jackson, and the Rams have brought in some talented pieces. To me our Cardinals are the Wild Card here. We saw our team finally gel and win games late in the season but we don't know what the addition of our new pieces will work for us, or even if Kolb can develop as well as Skelton.

2) Two of the most talked about draft prospects for the Cardinals have been Riley Reiff and Johnathon Martin. Who would you rather have on the Cardinals O-line? (Or, if not either, who would be your next choice?)

Tyler Nickel: Personally, I'm not overly thrilled about any of the offensive tackles in the first round outside of Kalil. I'd much rather have a WR (Floyd, Wright, etc.), a pass rusher (Perry, Upshaw, Ingram) or DeCastro.

JoeCB1991: I'd be okay with either one.

Cdeveau: David DeCastro. The other two prospects frighten me at the 13th pick.

Jesse Reynolds: If I had to pick between the two I would go for Reiff who I believe will be a good RT and solid in pass protection. Saying that I think the Cardinals would draft Martin over Reiff because he is bigger and Grimm loves big OL. Personally I think DeCastro is near impossible to pass up. I understand that guards are deeper in this draft but DeCastro is just so solid. I rather have him lock up the middle of our line forever than gamble on two overrated tackle prospects.

3) Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are pretty much locks for the #1 and #2 picks in the draft. Who do you think will make the better pick, and better Quarterback in the NFL?

Tyler Nickel: After watching each of these guys play some and then seeing their Pro Days, it's so hard to say who is better. But at this point, I think Luck still has the edge to be more successful. Don't get me wrong, though, if RG3 turned out to be a better player, I wouldn't be shocked.

JoeCB1991: Luck will be better right away because of how pro ready he is, Griffin has more potential to be better down the line because of how much more athletically gifted he is. Both of them will probably have good careers.

Cdeveau: As stand alone players without any team? I'll take Luck over RG3. Once you throw a team around them, their success will be driven by the crew surrounding them. The Redskins and Colts are two teams right now that need major overhauls in multiple areas to help their young QBs flourish.

Jesse Reynolds: Hard question. I believe Luck will be very good but I think Griffin could be great - if he wasn't going to be a Redskin. So based on that alone I think Luck will have the more productive career. The Colts will be pretty dang bad next year so it will be interesting to see how he does. Big shoes to fill in Indy.

Alex Mann: Andrew Luck. Not only is Stanford my second favorite college team but he shows leadership that not a lot of Collegiate Quarterbacks have. He has a wonderful throwing motion, work ethic, and foot work.