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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Todd McShay's Latest Projections Put A Pass Rusher At No. 13 For Cardinals

Mock drafts are everywhere, especially now that we are within a month of the actual 2012 NFL Draft. ESPN's draft expert Todd McShay released his latest draft projections (requires Insider access to read the whole thing), this time for the first two rounds. Now, for the Arizona Cardinals it doesn't necessarily matter because they don't have a second-round pick.

However, McShay does project the Cardinals to go a different direction than offensive line with the 13th overall pick. David DeCastro, Jonathan Martin and Cordy Glenn are all available at number 13, but the Cardinals go a different direction, selecting...

Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB, South Carolina.

Writes McShay:

The Cardinals have bigger needs at offensive tackle and wide receiver, but coach Ken Whisenhunt learned the value of playmaking linebackers during his days in Pittsburgh. Ingram is strong and explosive and shows a knack for making big plays, and he would give Arizona needed depth along the front seven.

Ingram would be a great pick. You can never have enough pass rushers and a mix of Sam Acho, O'Brien Schofield and Ingram would make a great young nucleus. However, the offensive linemen on the board could also be just as good a pick.

To me, with the talent that could be available, Arizona will be in good shape any way they decide to go.

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